Brian J. Mennis and Mary R. Mennis
Trading as
Lalong Enterprises
(ABN 32 758 899 823)
25 Riesling St, Carseldine,
Brisbane, Queensland, 4034,

Phone: +61 7 3263 6327
Facsmile: +61 7 3263 5121
Lalong is the name of a canoe in the language of the Bel people who live near Madang on the North Coast of Papua New Guinea.
Lalong Enterprises is a small family business. Mary writes, and Brian is her editor and publisher of some of her books.
Mary (nee Eccles) has written a number of books, and research papers since she first went to Papua New Guinea as a teacher in 1962. Teaching on Matupi Island, just outside Rabaul, she became interested in the oral traditions of the people who lived there. Marrying Brian Mennis in 1964, she carried on this interest in the various places where Brian was posted. These included Rabaul, Mt Hagen and Madang. In each of these places, she collected oral traditions and information on the material culture of the local people. She also was interested in the missionaries of the areas.

Her researches led to two masters' degrees, an MA from the University of Papua New Guinea and a MSocSc from James Cook University in Queensland. She was awarded an MBE in 2008 for hew work on the Bel people of Madang.
With the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea.
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