Books by Mary Mennis, published by Lalong Enterprises.
Hullo Eccles, the history of the Eccles family of Victoria, Australia. More
Book of Eccles, the life of Nobel Prize Laureat for Medicine, Sir John Eccles, by his daughter, Mary Mennis. More
Ferdy, The story of a Franciscan priest, who was a pioneer of the missions in Papua New Guinea. More
A Potted History of Madang, is an anthropological work describing the traditional culture of Madang from prehistoric times to the present. More
Tubuan and Tabernacle, is a biography of two Catholic priests, one a German and one a Papua New Guinea National, who worked mainly in the New Britain area of Papua New Guinea. More
The ABC of Nursery Rhymes, consists mainly of illustrated nursery rhymes, presented in alphabetical order. Illustrations are by Denise White, Chris McGrath and Colin Wang. More
Tolai Myths of Origin, second edition, with Hermann Jannsen and Brenda Skinner. More