They came to Matupit (Vunapope Mission Press, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, 1972). Mary’s first book is about the Catholic Mission on Matupi Island, just outside Rabaul, where she taught in the Government Primary School.

Tolai Myths of Origin (with Janssen and Skinner) First Edition. (Jacaranda Press, Brisbane, Queensland, 1973). This book was a collaborative effort with the other authors to translate Tolai myths of Origin from the Kuanua language into English. (See details on the second edition)

Time of the Taubar (Kristen Pres, Madang, Papua New Guinea, 1975). Mary’s first novel was written for high school children and is based on information collected in her researches around Rabaul in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hagen Saga (Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 1982). Continuing Mary’s interest in Catholic Mission history on Papua New Guinea, this book is the history of Fr William Ross who was the first missionary of any denomination into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Kain, Friend of Maclay (Kristen Pres, Madang, Papua New Guinea, 1996). Mary’s second novel was based on her researches around Madang, and incorporates incidents related by Russian explorer Nicholai Mikloucho-Maclay in his diary and the oral traditions of the same incidents by the people of Bilibil village in Madang.

Archipelago of Contented People (Kristen Pres, Madang, Papua New Guinea, 1996). This book is a translation from the German of Chapter 3 of Samoafahrten by Otto Finsch. The translation was by Christiane Harding and the book was edited and annotated by Mary Mennis.

The Red Cliffs, a Story of Moreton Bay, 1800 - 1830 (Boolarong Press, Brisbane 2009). A historical novel of the interaction between the first Europeans and the aboriginal people of the Moretom Bay area, near Brisbane.

Mariners of Madang and Austronesian Canoes of Astrolabe Bay (University of Queensland, Australia, 2011). This is available for download as a PDF from the Queensland University. See

Books by Mary Mennis, published by other publishers.