Lajos Biro and his contributions to early New Guinea contact history.
This extensive document is a Thesis by Emese Molnar-Bagley. B.A History, Trinity College Washington D.C., in fulfillment of the requirements of the Degree of Master of Arts, University of Papua New Guinea. 1993

Being of Hungarian descent, Emese was able to translate many of the letters and notes of Lajos Biro into English. This is also a valuable record of German New Guinea in the 1890s from the perspective of a non-German national. Because of the difficulties of reading his work in the Hungarian language, little was known about Biro prior to Emese's work.

So far as we know, this copy of Emese's thesis is the only one left in the world and was in the possession of Emese's daughter, Ms Terka Acton. Ms Action lent her copy to Dr Simon Day of the London University who kindly photocopied it page by page. Ms Acton has given permission for it to be published on the internet. We are greatly indebted to her for this permission which will allow this major work to be available for researchers of Papua New Guinea history.
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